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Kristy Shepler, Creative Partner


I have always had the need to create. I am sure that it is genetic! My father was an artist, and when I was a little girl we always had plenty of art supplies lying around the house… ready for my three sisters and me to start our next masterpiece. Coloring with crayons, painting with my dad’s acrylics, sculpting with modeling clay, and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk were part of my everyday routine. Awe-inspiring visits to the Toledo Art Museum were weekly treats. After raising a family as a stay-at-home mom, and working a variety of convenient part-time jobs that allowed me to be with my kids after school, I finally got to the place in my life where I could focus on what I always knew I wanted to be when I grew up- an artist. I was 32 years old- older and wiser- when I went back to college for my art degree, and chose the “practical” way to create… graphic design. Now, I’m one of those lucky people who actually loves what they do every day!



Assistant Manager of a fashion store

Printing Prepress Graphics Assistant/Proofreader

Freelance Graphic Designer


Associate of Science in Visual Arts - Indiana University

Hats worn at Christopherson & Co.

Art direction, graphic design

Other Interests

Skiing, hiking, golfing, traveling, painting, drawing, amateur photography

Influences in my career

My father’s artistic ability, my mother’s optimism, my husband’s encouragement, my sisters’ friendships, my children’s praise, my English bull dog’s daily companionship.

My Favorites

A morning latte with a double shot, an evening glass of red wine, chocolate.

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