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Anne Christopherson, Editorial Services Manager, President


I was born on a small farm in a small town in Southern Italy. Every evening in summer, the townsfolk entertained themselves by walking round and round and round the town square (occasionally stopping for a gelato- there's a shop in the middle of the square), greeting their neighbors as they passed.

Working in advertising, marketing, and public relations is a lot like the town square in that small Italian town where I was born. You're always going round and round in circles.



University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - Human Resources (at that time, of course, we called it Personnel) Representative. Hired anyone who was not a Physician or Nurse or other medical practitioner (thank goodness, 'cuz I know nothing about medicine).

New Vail Magazine - Staff writer. Interviewed all manner of individuals about all manner of stuff and then wrote about it (hence, staff writer). I did this during my short and rather interesting life as a ski resort resident, entertaining the Playboy Advisor, President Gerald Ford, Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers and Charlie's Angels.

Denver Film Society - Office Manager, Guest Arrangements. Got to meet Steven Soderbergh and ride to his hotel in a limo with him before he became famous.) Sort of a Cameron Crowe moment. (Almost Famous)

Hensel Phelps Construction - Public Relations Director-Denver office. That speaks for itself.

United Airlines - Hirer of airline flight engineers. Did initial interviews to separate the wheat from the chaff and then did final interviews along with retired captains to choose the lucky few who would become captains (after years of practice, of course). I learned a lot about air currents, downdrafts, the psychology of what makes a good pilot and what makes planes crash (coulda lived without that one). Got a lot of free trips to very exotic places as a perk of airline employment.


B.S. in Journalism - University of Colorado, Boulder

Graduate Studies in Psychology - University of Colorado, Denver

Hats Worn at Christopherson & Co.

Writer. Grammarian. Proofreader. Overseer of operations. Staff psychologist.

My Favorite Vacation Spots

Nantucket, Monte Carlo


Voracious book reader, film fanatic

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